Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Myrtle Beach 2017

I will never understand people who don’t take vacations.  Especially those that work full time, have vacation time and don’t use it.  What the what?  I love vacations.  I love taking time off.  I’ve heard it said that we should create a life that we don’t have to take time off from … I see that and I love the idea of that.  I have a life that I love and I am not trying to escape it.  Taking a vacation enhances my life and having something on the calendar makes me happy.  I love having something to look forward to.  It’s my last day in Myrtle Beach and tomorrow we head back to Virginia.  I had the best time.  

Here are the highlights:

The food (no diets on vacation!)

 The gym (almost every morning)

My view ...

Me and the Princess

 My new ink: John 14:27

and the zipline ...