Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Secret Ingredient

Have you ever watched Iron Chef America? That is one of the coolest shows. I don't know why ... I just like to watch professional chefs do their thing at the speed of light and come up with these crazy ass concoctions that I would probably never order if I were out but would eat if someone else did. Rabbit wrapped in ham?

It's Saturday and it's raining and that's okay. Work is kicking my butt and I'd rather watch the rain fall from my living room window than be in that office getting my butt kicked. The next two weeks are going to be hell. Hell, I tell you! Two weeks of training, presentations, working lunches, unanswered emails, too many voicemails ... so much that is not going to get done, all for the sake of ... I don't know what.

I need a new lawnmower.

I've discussed my nutty family tree before so I won't go into detail again. Let's just say there are branches all over the place that are only connected by my existence. I bring this up now because one part of the tree has set up this site for us all to add our information and wouldn't it be cool to see it all in one place? Naturally, I'm thinking about the other branches that really have no place on this particular tree ... because not everyone knows about them. How funny would it be if I started adding those branches? I can see the looks on some faces right now ... hehehe. Oh the joy of revealing family secrets! Sometimes I feel like the secret ingredient. I've gotten two invitations to family reunions this year and guess what? Neither one of those invitations involve the part of the family that I grew up with or lived in the same house with. I should want to be more involved. I should want to know more about these folks. I should.

I haven't had a drink all month. Actually, it's been longer than that. I bring that up because I really wouldn't mind having a martini right now. But I promised myself ... and it's only 11:15 a.m.

Me and my guy were sitting on the couch last night all snuggled up and he said that there was no place that he'd rather be. That was probably one of the sweetest things he ever said to me.


Luke Cage said...

Chele, I haven't had a chance to watch Iron Chef but the missus heavily endorses this show. Her nephew is a culinary wizard and wants to be the next Emiril. And you are not joking about how skilled these cats are when they work it in the kitchen. Rabbit wrapped in ham?

I took care of everything early this morning hoping that I would beat the rain, but no such luck. Hopefully, the next 2 weeks go by for you fast as they are going to be mired in traiing. Geez, I hate training myself.

And here's your weekly dose of the Aww factor to the last paragraph. Have a great weekend luv.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I love Iron daddy turned me on to it. Not sure if that was a hint...but who in the heck actually cooks the stuff they do for a typical dinner? No one stop throwing hints!!! lol

Your's those little htings that are the cuff that can mean so much. Well done "Chele's Guy"!