Monday, January 26, 2009

Restaurant Week

Yesterday was the last day of restaurant week in my city. Restaurant week is pretty cool because you get to choose from either a 2-course meal or a 3-course meal for either $20 or $25 each. It doesn't include alcohol but that's not a big deal. Many of the restaurants in the city participate and it's a great way to try a new place. We went to a restaurant last night that we've been to before and loved. B ordered pasta fagioli, baked flounder with linguine and a napolean. I had some kind of eggplant thing for an appetizer, shrimp with linguine and mango sorbet for dessert. My shrimp dish was supposed to have scallops in it as well but they ran out and the sauce kind of reminded me of spaghettios. I like spaghettios but I don't expect to get it at a restaurant. The service at this place was fantastic and we were sitting next to a table of SATC wanna be castmates. B asked me which one was Carrie. I told him that none of them were. They were all Samantha. Old and slutty.


Rose said...

Reastaurant sounds like fun. That would give me a reason to visit different places that I normally wouldn't visit.

Blah Blah Blah said...

In 5 years I have yet to take advantage of restaurant week.

I eat out 4 out of 7 nights...go figure.

Umm, all vague and me...then check the url.

Icey said...

I love resterant week in Houston! Last year we wen tto two places I had been wanting to try. I had lamb chops at one chops I have EVAH had. Had I had those at home I would have sucked on the damn bone! lol

Glad yall had a great time

Anonymous said...

It definitely is a great opportunity to try new restaurants. I'll have to keep an eye out for it here.

Shawn said...

just dropped by to do a little reading. Hi!