Monday, December 21, 2009

Love Surrounds Me

Four more shopping days.

This weekend was a pretty good one. We got a dusting of snow on Saturday night. It’s nice and dry outside now but it is cold, cold, cold. I am allergic to the cold. Sunday after church I came home and cleaned out the fireplace so Bryan could start a fire. Did I mention that I love my fireplace? Before he came over my sister called and wanted to stop by. When she arrived she headed to the area where I keep the wine and asked, “What do you have to drink?” When I said nothing she was shocked. I’m slacking. Anyway, she was supposed to be out shopping but she really just wanted to get out of her house. This is one of the best things about having her here with me. We are each other’s escape. Growing up we had our issues like any sisters do but we have always been close. I can only remember one time when we had a blow up which resulted in us not speaking to each other for a period of time … maybe a year. Yesterday we sat in my living room and had the best talk. We talked about the new year and things that we need to change. We talked about our relationships and it always amazes me that even though she’s been married for twenty years she possesses the same doubts and insecurities that I do after dating someone for six years. We both have decided to take steps to fix that. I like just sitting and chatting with my sister. We provide a safe place for each other to just … be. I didn’t always take advantage of that place because I didn’t want to burden her with my bullshit. But she said that’s what she’s there for. After she left Bryan showed up and I made dinner and he built the fire. We snuggled up on the couch and watched movies.

I am surrounded by love.


Anonymous said...

No matter how long you're in a relationship there are seasons of awakening, whereby we must change in order to stay healthy and balanced.

Today I started The Love Dare!

I miss my sister something awful. Enjoy those sisterly talks of sharing. Priceless!

Terry said...

And this is how it should be.