Friday, February 5, 2010

Remember to be Grateful

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So, me and the man are getting away for the evening. One good thing about living in a resort area is that … well, it’s a resort area. Anyway, we are going to this cute little bed and breakfast

He sprung it on me yesterday and at first I was a tad bit annoyed. Why? Because he kept asking me how soon I could get off on Friday so we could get this thing started. His schedule is a lot more flexible than mine. Then I started to think about all I had to do to prepare … you know all the “lady” stuff we have to do in order to get ready for romance. Then I had to think about what the kids would eat for dinner then I had to think about how my daughter would get to her hair appointment on Saturday morning. I had to skip the gym this morning and move grocery shopping to Saturday.

Spontaneity is not my forte. Can you tell?

Then I had to stop and remind my ungrateful ass that I have a man who wants to take me away for the evening. He booked the room and made dinner reservations and I’m getting all bunched up because of details.

Everything will get done. They will eat. She’ll get to her appointment. I’ll go to the gym on Saturday and the grocery store ain’t going nowhere. I’m leaving the office at 2:30 and we are going to have some grown up time.

I can’t wait.


Icey said...

Yes yes yes!!!! I know you guys will have a great time! When you are the mom you ALWAYS think about the things that need to get done. Glad you are letting The Man take care of of you!!

ShellyShell said...

Sounds nice! Your kids won't starve and your daughter will get her hair done! Go and have a great time!

Diva (in Demand) said...

YAY for grown up time! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Spontaneity is a beautiful thing!

Hope you had a blast and left the details behind! ;)

I'm not sure if you're the award type, but I've nominated you, again [two in Jan and one this month]. :)

Luv said...

that's sounds wonderful...where is the bed and breakfast located exactly?