Monday, April 26, 2010

Yoga is NOT for punks!

Forget what you may have heard. Yoga is not for punks. It's not for the weak. And its not for those who are expecting a quiet zen-like experience.

Yoga is a full-blown workout!

Okay, so there is a hot yoga place down the street from my house. I read up on this form of exercise and decided immediately that I would not be able to handle downward facing dog in a 105 degree room. So, I opted for the "Light and Warm" class which is less strenuous and the room is only about 80 degrees.

Yeah, only about 80 degrees.

On Saturday morning I did 40 minutes of cardio and then went to the yoga studio to get my yoga on. By the time the class ended my body was not dripping with sweat -- sweat was pouring off me. Generally, I "glisten" during my cardio workout but honey, during yoga I looked like a wet rag doll.

So I went back on Sunday for more of the same.

Working through some of the poses has left me a little sore but I loved every single minute of it. I'm going to continue with the yoga classes in order to take advantage of the all the health benefits associated with the practice.


TJ said...

My mother in law practices yoga. I think I'll stick with pilates with a yoga move here and there. LOLOL.

Bunny Brown said...

Good luck Chele. I bought a yoga mat last year, just took it out of the box last week. I try to do that program on tv called Inhale but I mostly just watch lol!! Think I'll stick with swimming and the cursed elliptical!!

Luv said...

Um hmm..and what health benefits would those be

Icey said...

I have been contemplating taking a yoga class at my Y for sometime now. You just gave me the motivation to try it out this week...I don't feel like I have worked out unless I am sore and/or dripping with sweat.

LOL @ you "glistening"

chele said...

@ Luv: Click the link to see the health benefits from WebMD.

Kristy said...

Good for you! I think yoga would be very hard because of the balance it requires. I don't have very good balance.

Remnants of U said...

So are you going to graduate to the 105 degree yoga? Or stick to 80 degree class?

I am going to stick with the easy pilates stuff. :-)

Blu Jewel said...

I've been doing the P90X yoga and I dare anyone to say it's not a workout.