Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gimme a Title!

Things I Really Like

Fried Chicken
Red Wine
Freshly painted finger nails
Being asked if I’m a model (happened on Sunday)
True Blood
Sunny days
Full moons
The ocean
Working Out

Thinks I Really Don’t Like

When my routine gets interrupted
Disrespectful children
Mean people
Stupid people
Brussel sprouts
Being so obviously manipulated
Not having enough closet space
People who are chronically late
Cold weather

I think I’ll be taking this blog into a new direction. Or I’ll just delete it. My mind is all over the place lately and I can’t seem to calm it. I need something to work toward. I can’t believe my friggin car was stolen and now I have to buy another one. When I booked my spa weekend I had no idea how much I would really need it. I really, really need it. I need an overhaul. I need to make some major changes. Major, I said. I need a good meal and a bottle of Bordeaux. My son got his tongue pierced but after a few days he couldn’t figure out how to eat with it in so he took it out and vowed never to do anything like that again. He told me about it after the fact. He posted a status on FB that said, “I can’t believe I’m dong this.” When I asked him about it he wouldn’t give me any details but told me not to worry. Lord, help me. I was up at 4:30 this morning and at the gym by 5:15. I was weepy on the treadmill but now I feel okay. Well, maybe not okay … I feel like I’m in a friggin holding pattern and that so does not sit well with me. I have a book club meeting tonight and we’re discussing this book

Good read. A little depressing. One tragedy after another … the relationship between the two sisters sorta reminded me of the relationship between me and my younger sister. We are so different yet those differences don’t affect the love and respect we have for each other. The sisters in the book had a major blowout and it brought to mind the time when I screamed at my sister and told her to enjoy her “perfect f*cking little life” … yeah, she hung up on me and we didn’t speak for quite a while. We’re good now. I talk a lot about being content no matter what the circumstances. I need to do a better job of putting that into practice. My current circumstances actually suck and sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the suckiness. It’ll get better. I know it will.


TJ said...

I know it will get better for you.

Diva (in Demand) said...

TJ always tells me that when you're in the midst of suckiness and it's taking you through.....you must be on the verge of your breakthrough and it's gonna be good!

On a side note.....fried chicken and red wine huh? LOL

Remnants of U said...

Well, I hope you don't delete your blog. But I know you have to do what's best for you.

My mind has been all over the place for a very long time now. But I know when I have something to work toward it helps me focus better too.

You know the best lessons are the learned the hard way. So I'll bet your son won't do anything like that again.

I know I'm no help, I don't even have a title suggestion. I'll leave that to the other writers. *Walks out of room in search of Ladylee* :-)

Single Ma said...

Title: Mixed Emotions

I pray that God carries you and holds you tight through this storm. *hugs*

Luv said...

i know i am late..i have been feeling this way too.. push through it. that is what i am telling myself.. i just want to quit.. but that isn't an option.

and i wouldn't delete the blog even if you decide to start another..there are a lot of valueable lessons you have learned that will help others..they have helped me fine tune my own journey

title: crossroads