Thursday, June 3, 2010


I hate television. There is nothing worth watching. Especially now since the Grey’s season has ended. I am so tired of all the reality tv. It's all just terrible. My television is basically background noise. Which is why it amazes me that my son keeps bugging me to upgrade to some fancy-shmancy HD flat screen. Why son? Especially, when (hopefully) your behind won’t even be living with me for much longer.

I keep having dreams every night about being in big buildings. Big houses, big churches, big office buildings … and I’m always following these long, complicated mazes and running or hiding from someone. Weird. Any interpretations?

My daughter has to do an end-of-the-year project on heritage and family traditions. Family traditions? I can’t think of one tradition that my family has that other families don’t have. High school sucks.

I went to yoga last night and apparently the studio has some big promotion going so the classes are bigger than usual and filled with a bunch of cackling hens that don’t understand that they should shut the hell up while we’re in class. I’m trying to find my center and these chicks are blah blah blahing about “not being able to bend that way”. The guide always begins the class by telling everyone not to push it … just do what your body will allow you to do.

I am grateful for my job. Really I am … but some days … some days …

My son is flying to Michigan to visit his godfather for a few days. I know he’s grown but I still get nervous about him traveling without me.

I just read this review about the place where I’m headed for my spa weekend. I am beyond excited!!!!!!

It’s hot as blazes outside and the A/C in the office is acting funny. Have mercy.

I watch Joyce Meyer every morning before work. Today she spoke about waiting on God and doing good (Psalms 37:3). While I’m waiting for God to do his thing I should be doing my thing … something good for someone else. I like that. If I would focus on doing something for someone else than I wouldn’t be so consumed with what I’m waiting on God to do. Good deeds can be a distraction of sorts.


Sarah said...

My fiance and I have the very most basic cable package, and a lady called yesterday to try to get us to upgrade.

"Why?" I asked. "There's nothing good on."

We are, however, going to give it a month's trial run, because I miss my Food Network.

But I, too, have nothing to watch on a regular basis now that Grey's is off.

Anonymous said...

I like....doing things for others will distract you,,,i'm sure gonna try this...

I have had BASIC cable for 5 years boys had FITTTSS at 1st but now they are over it....LOL

God bless...

Dee in San Diego

Remnants of U said...

I really need to do for others again. I miss volunteering. I have to find a project that works with my schedule.

I don't have cable. I can watch almost anything online. And I have Netflix. It serves me well.