Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watch out for the Curve Balls

I’m working on finding a way to stop letting life get in the way of my living. I’m hoping that is one of the things that I discover during my spa weekend. You see, when life throws me a curve ball (i.e. my car being stolen) I don’t get out of the way quickly enough and I when I get hit … I don’t get up quickly enough either. I stay down for a minute longer than I probably should.

Life happens and it gets in the way of my living.

That could be a poem.

Getting back on track is laborious but essential. Putting on a happy face when I’m really just pissed the hell off is often a tedious activity.

Anyway my weekend has finally arrived. Three days and a wake-up and I will be in spa-land. A land of massages and body scrubs and good food and hanging by the pool and yoga classes and quiet reflection. No television and hopefully no unwanted distractions. I hope to answer an important question while I’m there:

What’s next?


Shell said...

Enjoy your weekend! Hope it provides you with some clarity.

Kristy said...

I have given you an award! xo

TJ said...

What an important question! I need a spa week. I realized that today.