Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Choices

What is wrong with me?

This morning I stopped at my favorite little coffee shop to get my favorite chai tea latte. They always ask if I want anything else and I always say “No, thank you.”

Not today. Today I said, “I know I shouldn’t but since they look so delicious I’ll get one of these chocolate chip muffins.”

And she warmed it up for me so the chips were all melted and gooey.


Why would a perfectly sane person do something that they know they shouldn’t?

I lament daily about my abs. I know I don’t work hard enough to get them where I want them to be and yet, I hoovered that muffin like it was the last muffin on the planet.

I could, at this point, turn this into a deeper post about how we as human beings so often get ourselves in unsatisfying situations when we choose the wrong path or make the wrong decision.

I could do that.

But I won’t.

Because I’m still too pissed off about that muffin.


EmptyNester said...

Oh yeah. I've been there. Wait, I'm there right now! With a Werther's chewy caramel...well, this is my third one. Ugh...

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

I know what you mean girl! I'll eat something, more like wolf something down, and then say to myself, "That wasn't even worth it." But sometimes I have good will power. Like yesterday I wanted an Auntie Annne's pretzel after just taking two gym classes. I didn't get it though. I just thought about all the times I bought one and it was hard and not good. Wanted a hot chocolate but then turned the package over and saw all of the sugar in it and put it back.

You gotta have a cheat day or meal though. My day is Saturday. I'll try to eat right all week and then eat whatever the hell I want on Saturday. What I find is that I usually don't go too crazy anyway, but it's like a celebration!

So if you have been good...that muffin was a reward. If you haven't been good, then 'punish' yourself with a good workout. :)

Diva (in Demand) said...

I disagree....I believe that everyone deserves a special treat every once in a while. That muffin isn't going to totally destroy all the work you've done. You do more harm lamenting over it for hours instead of enjoying it for 15 minutes and then moving on.

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...


It's not clear if you were disagreeing with the blogger or the comments, but everyone deserves a cheat day/snack/meal if you have been good at eating right most other days. Every once in while is kinda random and can get you off track if you think about treats that way. Believe me I know. When the urge comes up you just tell yourself, "Ok I can eat that muffin on because that's my cheat day. I just need to not have sweets until then." I think it reduces the chances of having too many "every once in a while moments". Change the random every once in a while to a specific day to keep your eyes on the prize. Now of course don't eat a week's worth of sweets on the cheat day! A LOT of personal trainers do cheat days if they stick to their eating and exercise plan as much as they can during the week.

Anyway it's just my opinion and I know what worked for me to lose 15 pounds. If the blogger wants to be pissed about the muffin and if that motivates her then I see nothing wrong with that at all. I do agree with your point though, but I guess that works for you maybe? The muffin will be forgotten eventually, but if she wants to kick herself NOW for eating it then that's fine too.

*shrugs shoulders*

chele said...

I think the commenters agree with each other and disagree that I should beat myself up over the muffin.

I don't hold myself to a very strict diet but I am aware of what I'm eating. I generally stay away from sweets so to get a muffin is totally out of character for me. Especially for breakfast. I try and give myself a cheat meal (not day) during the week. I guess that was it.

I guess I was just so pissed off because I know better.

TJ said...

I've been there with the sweets. Mmm hmm...