Friday, March 18, 2011

I Feel Good

I am feeling particularly grateful today. Wanna know why? Here it goes:

* It’s Friday

* The temperature will reach the upper 70s. Warmer weather always puts me in a better mood.

* I’ve been doing these videos on YT and I found free video editing software to make them a bit more polished. Free! And Legal!

* As of this morning, my VISA bill has a zero balance!

* I’m going to meet one of my favorite former bloggers this weekend for the first time!

* I’m going to buy some real running shoes this weekend. My knees are bugging me and I know it’s because of the shoes!

* Someone close to me had surgery yesterday and it went perfectly!

* My mom is able to celebrate another birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Mom!

My ugly day feels like a distant memory.

Enjoy your weekend!

And don't forget to check out Sunday's episode of The Next Chapter!


Deb said...

Love your reasons for feeling good!! Maybe you should head over and join my Fantastic Friday linky!!! ;-)

EmptyNester said...

Those were so awesome that I'm feeling better! Thanks!

Yvonne Hall said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish. I'm thankful to God for yet another year, and thankful to all of you for making my years worthwhile.

TJ said...

My mama's birthday is in March too! Congrats on the zero balance!!! And warm weather. One day we'll get there. LOL.

Single Ma said...

I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!! :-)

Yvonne Hall said...

Hey Chele
Just finished watching your video "The Next Chapter." It was a little difficult to watch because guess what...for some reason my computer kept going into INTERRUPT mode and cutting you off. Wonder if that was some kind of subliminal message. Going to try to listen again on my laptop and see if the same thing happens. From what I could hear between interruptions, it was a great presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Ca88andra said...

I wish my visa bill was zero!!! Well done.

Kristy said...

That VISA balance is something to be really happy about! Hard to do!

bunny said...

Chele!!!!! You are gonna do great in the race!!! Love the new hair color and you are favoring our FLOTUS in that video too!!