Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 Weeks and Counting

Only four weeks until I run my first competitive race of the year. It will also mark the one year anniversary of when I became a “serious” runner. I use quotes because sometimes I’m still not sure if I’m serious.

Last March I had dinner with Single Ma the night before she was to run her first half marathon and she asked me to join her SGK 5k team. The race was in June. I told her I couldn’t run a 5k. She politely informed me that I already was running the distance on the treadmill I just had to take it outside. That little bit of encouragement started me on my journey to being a real runner.

I bought the shoes, downloaded the C25K program and hit the pavement and I don’t believe I’ve ever regretted the decision to do so.

I’ve increased my distance and my pace since March 2011. I’m no superstar but I’ve come quite a long way from where I started. My initial goal was to run a 5k in less than thirty minutes. I still haven’t done it but that’s okay. I’m not fast but I’m consistent. Being healthy is the most important thing to me and I’ve been faithful to my fitness regimen. I’m working toward exceeding 20 miles a week and I’m more careful about my diet.

I ran a total of 4-5k’s last year and so far I’ve registered for 3-8k’s for this year. I honestly don’t believe I’ll ever be a marathoner, or half-marathoner. Not because I can’t but I just haven’t decided if I want to. I’m comfortable where I am and I don’t feel as though I have to prove anything to myself or anyone else. Trust me, the fact that I’m out there is impressive enough. I’m a little on the lazy side.


TJ said...

Great for you! I'm glad to be going out on a consistent basis, but our weather is challenging me this year.

Single Ma said...

It takes a lot of effort to get out there and run consistently day after day after day, so no ma'am, you are NOT lazy. LOL!

I am very inspired by your progress and I pray for the day when I'll be able to join you again. Good luck with your first 8k!

LadyLee said...

Run Chele Run!!!

You are not lazy. NERP!

Blu Jewel said...

You're doing what many of us with we could, so there's nothing lazy about you. Thanks to you, I finally have something to give up for Lent...MAKING EXCUSES! Thanks Chele and keep running.

toi said...

i really run a marathon too, but i am not trained enough. i should start on that, you are doing great.

i am looking forward to read your post. can you give me your email for update?
thank you toi