Monday, March 26, 2012

Silk - Small Changes

I'm slow. It's taken me this long to really believe that exercise alone will not get rid of the lovely little pooch that has settled around my mid-section. I have some definition but it's sometimes masked by the layer of fat.

So I have to diet. The problems with diets, in my opinion, is that they are too restrictive and if you cannot adopt the diet as a lifestyle than all the effort is lost. I cannot vow to stop eating fried food. I don't eat it everyday or even every week but every now and again I have a craving.

For example, today in my lunch bag I have 2 bottles of water, a protein shake, a protein meal bar, an orange, a banana, 2.8 oz of tuna and some reduced fat cheeze-its.

It may be a good start but I know for a fact eating like this on a regular basis is not something I could maintain. Soon, I'll be craving a Big Kahuna cheesesteak from Jersey Mike's.

So I'm trying to implement little changes that I could actually incorporate into my lifestyle without feeling like I'm being restricted. Over the weekend, I decided I'd buy soy milk instead of the 2% milk that I normally purchase.

The commercials say it contains twice the calcium, fewer calories and it tastes great. I bought it and tried it and it does taste really good with my Kashi cereal. It does have fewer calories but the calcium %DV is exactly the same as 2%. Here's the breakdown:

Silk Vanilla:
30% calcium
0 mg cholesterol
0.5 g saturated fat
8 g sugar
270 mg ALA Omega-3
100 calories
3.5 g total fat

2% Dairy Milk
30% calcium
20 mg cholesterol
3 g saturated fat
12 grams sugar
20 mg ALA Omega-3
120 calories
5 grams total fat

The numbers do tell a story. Fewer calories, sugar and fat and high in omega-3.

I admit that this is a small change, but that's how I have to do it. For me, drastic changes don't last. Remember when I gave up meat for 31 days? Disaster. I want to make changes that will last. And this could be one that I stick with.

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LadyLee said...

You are the first person I have seen that gets it. Folks tell me they wanna go vegetarian. Hell, I struggle with it myself. I tell them, make one or two small changes. And if you want to add to that, then fine. Those changes mean alot.

I like the Silk flavored milks from time to time. But I am a bigger fan or brown rice milk and almond milk. I was never a big cow milk drinker, so these work out fine and dandy for me.

It is a good change indeed! Good for you.