Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Follies

It’s been a good week. Time just seems to be going by so quickly. There are so many things going on with the kids, with work, with school, running, etc. Here are a few updates:


Prom is just a few weeks away. Well, the first prom is on the 4th and the second one is the following week on the 12th. Two proms? Did you go to two proms. I didn’t. This kid is a mess. Two completely different ensembles for each event. $$$

Right after prom she’s getting her wisdom teeth removed. We’re trying to get all this stuff done before she leaves in August.

Graduation is two months away. No more kids in high school! I can’t believe it. Yes I can. It’s been a long time coming. Can you say, “freedom”? We move her into the dorm in August. Her father says he would like to be present. That ought to be interesting.

The Prince is doing what he does. Going to school, working, being all in love. Nothing new to report.


I’ve incorporated a work-from-home day into my schedule. That one day changes my outlook on the whole week. I’m loving it.


Oh man. Love love love school. Seriously. This is the most challenging thing that I have encountered in a while and I can’t tell you enough how delighted I am. I’m in week 4 and I’m keeping up on my quizzes (A’s on all), reading and I’ve completed two papers in the past week and I’m just waiting on my grades. I’ve registered for the Summer and Fall quarters. I’ve also registered to take two CLEP exams this quarter. I believe I’m on track to have my Bachelor’s before my 50th birthday. Yay!


Because of my schedule I’m not able to run as much, but because of my schedule I’m not eating as much either. But I miss my regular runs. I really do. I think once my daughter graduates I’ll be able to run in the mornings on a daily basis. I don’t want to slow down my training since I have two 8k races coming up.


I’m taking the Princess on a cruise for a graduation present. I’m reviewing more books lately than restaurants. The books are cool because a publisher sends them to me for free which is awesome. But I hate that I’m not exploring and discovering new places to feed my face.

Not too much else to report. What’s going on with you?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really exciting time in your life! Lots of positive changes.

TJ said...

Wow. It's already prom season? I only had one prom to go to, but the kids at Al's school have this whole showcase situation a year before prom. Sigh.

Tarsha! said...

So freaking proud of you heading back to school! You have always been an inspiration for as long as I've "known" you!

Do you even know how much I would LOVE to work from home one day a week? SUPER jealous!