Friday, August 3, 2012

Finally Friday - The Love Edition

Yay for Friday! I don’t know why I still get excited about Friday. Inevitably someone will schedule a meeting late in the day just to remind me that it’s still a workday. Whatever, man. I’m working from home today because I got hauled into the office yesterday (my regularly scheduled work-from-home day) because of a day full of meetings that required my actual presence. So yeah, working from home on Friday kind of makes up for the fact that I have a meeting at 4:00.

Anyway, the Princess and I are going to finish up her dorm room shopping tonight. She still needs a printer and a surge protector and an external hard drive (?) and various other items. I don’t know how she’s going to fit all this stuff into that room. I wonder if I’ll be able to get through this shopping trip without collapsing into a puddle of tears. Seriously, these days I can’t even look at her without tearing up. I’m such a friggin’ girl. I’m sure after the drop-off, I’ll be fine. But the days leading up to it are going to kill me. My redecorating project will definitely help keep my mind off my empty nest. I have tons of ideas but I can’t move forward with any of them until I schedule the painters. Which I hope to do before the end of the month.

Beginning on Sunday I’ll be taking part in the Daniel Fast (google it) that my church is having. August is our month of prayer and this year we are combining it with a 21-day fast. Twenty-one days of only fruits, vegetables and water. No bread. No meat. No alcohol. I’ve refrained from meat and alcohol for 31 days before – but never at the same time. Someone (Ladylee) please send me some ideas for meals that won’t bore me to tears. Ya’ll pray for me.

Biggest lesson that I learned in July: Don’t compromise what you really want for something that you just think you want.

I received a wedding invitation today from a couple that were married before, divorced, raised four beautiful daughters, and have continued to live as though they were married. They are making it official again in a couple of weeks. I’m so happy for them. I love LOVE.

Love is the thing you know.


LadyLee said...

Baby, I ain't of much help! You know I'm either eating a salad or I'm stirfrying whatever is in the fridge!

I been juicing a lot lately. I had some swiss chard-apple-broccoli-parsely-carrot juice this morning.umm-umm good!!

*Chele turns purple*

I don't see you getting down with that.

LOL! I'll look up something for you.

Email me at my gubment email addy... I got a question for ya!

BluJewel said...

Hey Chele...I can inbox some veggie recipies to you.

Lil Lady didn't move out until 1 week before her 20th birthday and even though it was coming, it didn't hit until after the fact. I soon got over it as I enjoyed the freedom of the empty nest for a multitude of reasons. I miss her being there, but it's good for both of us that's she's doing her own thing. I love when she visits and when we spent time together.

Aww! On your friends.

TJ said...

I'll be praying for you. I just completed a fast and it was an awesome experience. Not without challenges, but awesome nonetheless. :)