Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Should I Continue with Personal Training?

I have a decision to make.

The company that provides my personal training has ended its contract with my gym and essentially with me as well. I have been utilizing the trainer for 4 weeks and I have about 2 weeks left on my contract. I’m trying to decide if I should employ a new trainer or go it alone. The company is actually opening a new fitness facility so there is another option: quit my gym and follow my trainer to her new destination.

I’ve proven to myself that I can work out alone but will my workouts be just as effective? I mean, I worked out with Amanda today and right now I feel amazing. Last Friday I worked out on my own and the results were not as good. Maybe it’s something I can work up to. I’m torn.

I found this article regarding the topic and I thought it might help me to make a decision. I’ve listed the ten reasons why people should hire a trainer according to the article (click on the link for full article):

1. You’re not seeing results – years ago when I attempted strength training on my own I wasn’t seeing results. I have seen results albeit small over the last 4 weeks. I could continue on my own and continue to see results.

2. You don’t know where to start – Not applicable. I’ve already started.

3. You’re bored with the same old workouts – All my workouts are new to me and I could do additional research to discover new ones.

4. You need to be challenged – I definitely need to be challenged.

5. You want to learn how to exercise on your own – Eventually, I will have to exercise on my own. Why not start now?

6. You need accountability and motivation – I love the accountability and motivation that I get from a trainer.

7. You have a specific illness, injury or condition – Not applicable

8. You’re training for a sport or event – Not applicable

9. You want supervision and support during workouts – I appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from my trainer

10. You want to workout at home – I have no desire to work out at home

So out of the 10, there are 3 reasons that really speak to me: being challenged, being accountable and receiving support. I also receive helpful diet and nutrition information from my trainer.

I have some time before I have to decide. The idea of saving money and going it alone is appealing but “you get what you pay for”. I hired a trainer for a reason: I want to transform my body and I’m not qualified to do it on my own. That still applies but part of me wants the challenge of going it alone.



allyson Alvarez said...

Having a personal trainer is an investment. It would be better to have one than working out alone, he/she will guide you and I tell you it is more effective.


ShellyShell said...

If you feel you can do the workouts on your own I say ax the trainer and put the additional money towards your travel phone etc. When they offer a free training session at my gym I jump on it and see if there is anything new. I also subscribe to Shape,Self and Runner's World. Plus I've been working out since I was 10 so I pull from all those resources and get at it alone! Good Luck!