Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to Build

I had an interesting conversation with one of my trainers today.  I asked his opinion about competing and whether or not he thought I should compete again in February or wait.  I initially thought I should put 2 or 3 competitions on the calendar now so I can have those dates to work toward.  Then I started thinking:  if I’m not going to make significant changes to my physique between now and February, what is the point?  Competing is expensive, time consuming, mentally and physically exhausting.  I need for there to be a significant payoff.  So I asked a professional.
His first question back to me was:  what is your ultimate goal in this sport?

I told him that I really wanted to earn my pro card and compete on a professional level.  However, I was feeling a little hesitant because of my age.  He says that I shouldn’t let my age be a detractor and that the older competitors (chronologically older not older in the sport) actually have an advantage.  In my first show I lost to a woman that looked a lot older than me.  And my own trainer who is in his 30s lost an overall title recently to a 52-year old.  So this not necessarily a young person's sport.
I want to compete.  I want to be recognized as a professional.  It takes time to build muscle and to sculpt a prize-winning body.  I know a young lady who steps on stage every chance she gets.  I don’t know how (or why) she does it.  She generally places in the top 5 but she’s been doing this for a couple years and she’s no closer to getting her pro card than I am.  Maybe her goals are different than mine.  I don’t know but I’m not about to spend thousands of dollars in entry fees, competition suits, supplements, tanning, travel, etc. just so I can add one more ugly statue to my collection.  I’ve done two shows and earned 5 statues, 2 for 1st place, but it’s time to get a check.

So I’m not going to compete in February.  I’m going to continue to train hard five days a week, and really work on developing the body that I need to compete like a pro.  Not sure how long that will take, but what else do I have to do?   I think back to how excited I was when I first began to notice changes in my physique.  The first time I saw the muscles in my back, the curve in my shoulders, the definition in my quads and the clear outline of the abs … honey hush … you couldn’t tell me anything!  I know that with consistent hard work I can make some significant improvements.  Time to start taking progress pics again.  Honestly, the one thing that is tiresome about this sport is how often you have to look at yourself.  Trying to spot tiny, subtle changes which can only be detected with pictures.  Here we go. 
So, instead of worrying about competing next year, I’ll work on improving.  That will give me time to concentrate on getting certified as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.  And I'll be able to use that extra money toward my 50th birthday celebration. 

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