Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Station Break - It's all Inside

I’m interrupting the 31 Day Reset to check in.  How’s it going?  You okay?  Good, me too.  In addition to doing this reset I’ve also been reading this book:

Supercoach by Michael Neill.  I had never heard of Mr. Neill when I decided to purchase his book.  I was looking for a reference or a guide on coaching (life, health, etc.) and I came across Supercoach.  I highly recommend this book as it is not a typical self-help book filled with a bunch of flowery statements that mean nothing once you turn the page.  This book is different.  Mr. Neill is different.  I loved the book so much I just ordered another one of his titles:

Here are some of the nuggets that stuck with me once I finished turning the pages of Supercoach:

What you decide will never impact your life as much as how you handle the consequences of that decision.

  • Everything you do is a choice:  you don’t have to do anything.
  • You create other people by how you listen to them
  • You can ask anyone for anything when you make it okay for them to say “no”
  • Master the art of serving others and you will secure your financial future

The last two were especially meaningful to me given the fact that throughout 2014 I will be transitioning into a career that will force me to ask anyone for anything.  

By the end of the year I will be in a different career and in a different tax bracket.  Initially, the thought of that was a little scary.  Change often is.  But I have absolutely nothing to lose.  I’ve spent my entire adult life doing what I thought I had to do – but actually I made those choices.  Now I’m going to make new choices.  Choices to be happy and to have peace of mind.  I’m making the choice to add meaning to my life by reaching out and helping other people.  I can’t work to make other people rich and not make a true difference in the world or a real contribution.  I can’t live that life any longer.

I have dreams and it’s time to acknowledge them.  The truth is I (and you) can do whatever I choose to do.  It all starts with a choice.

This is the best book that I’ve read in a while.  I think I enjoyed it so much because it continually points back to me – I have the power, I can make choices, I can make things happen.  There is no magic pill or formula it’s just me and how I view myself and the world that I live in. 

Don’t you have dreams?  As long as you are breathing you can still fulfill them.

Let’s go.

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LadyLee said...

Baby, I got plenty dreams!

I heard something good on black talk radio this morning: We spend 8 hours a day working to fulfill someone else's vision. Don't forget that you have a vision of your own, and it is equally important, if not more important.


I may have to go out and get those books. They both sound great.