Thursday, July 21, 2016

Down to 119

I am slowly weaning myself off social media.  Saying that I despise it would probably be over dramatizing.  It is just really annoying and each day the idea of disappearing to a cabin on the beach with just my laptop, a stack of books and my cat is more and more appealing.

Not every aspect of social media sucks.  I like using it for my business.  I enjoy connecting with people and encouraging them on their fitness journeys.  I have three pages on Facebook:  my public figure page, my monthly challenge group and the PUSH page where I basically do my Christian-based live broadcasts every morning. 

It’s the personal pages that are irritating.  Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions but I don’t have to read them.  Quite frankly, I am tired of getting on Facebook and Twitter and the first thing I see is a new celebrity feud or another police-involved shooting or all the election coverage. 

It’s all just too much noise.  I need quiet.

So I have whittled my friend’s list on Facebook down to 119 – each time I unfriend someone it gets easier and easier.  The list is comprised of my family, people I know in real life and a few people that I have long-standing online relationships with.  I pretty much stay off my personal page and only get on for business related activities.

I still enjoy Instagram and Snapchat though … just not as much as I used to.

In other news, I decided to take on Freedom.  These characters are seriously flawed and I love reading about them.

In more news, I am getting better and better at taking care of my lawn.  Each week I whack more weeds in addition to cutting the grass like an expert.  Today I had the back fence repaired and I feel less like the hated neighbor who is bringing down the property values of the other neighbors.

See if I had a cabin on the beach, lawnmowers, weed whackers and broken fences would not be an issue.

Family news:  The Princess is about to finish her final semester in school and she is less than a year away from being a teacher.  I am so proud of that girl.  The Prince will be graduating soon too, just not sure when.  He just finished another semester and since he transferred (again) I’m not sure how many credits he still needs before he receives his degree.  Also, we are less than 2 months away from seeing his biological father face-to-face after more than 24 years. 

This has been a busy summer.  A lovely, busy summer.  I’m working out consistently, I haven’t stepped on the scale all month, I’m getting more PT clients at the fitness center plus teaching my Functional Fitness class, I’m teaching my class at the Y for the active aging community, plus I’ll soon be assuming the position of Manager on Duty at the Y.  I am still running my business and the most frustrating thing about that is that people will go to my website and fill out an application and/or set up an appointment for a 30-minute consultation and then NEVER follow up!  WTF???  Seriously, what is that about?   Why are these ladies taking the time to complete an application, express the fact that they need help and then go so far as to get on my calendar and then completely blow off the appointment?  When I follow up with them they are like ghosts.

People are a pain.


Remnants of U said...

It is so inconsiderate for people to not cancel in advance. LOL! and that causes me to think people are a pain too.

Sasha Robinson said...

Great updates. I'm tired of social media too. I still enjoy Instagram though. Snapchat is a bit much for me.