Friday, October 21, 2016

Summer in the Fall

Why is it 80 degrees in the middle of October?

56 hats complete and I want to have 60 completed before Monday.  This week was Yarn Week at Michael's and I was able to get some great deals!  Thanks again for all the donations!  

Besides the hats I have been actively looking for a full-time job while still working to build my business.  There may be an opportunity coming up at the facility where I currently work.  I had a conversation with a decision-maker and I'm optimistic.

I'm also optimistic about the dating situation.  Although the first guy that I met didn't really work out, he was still a really nice guy and for some reason still wants to be my friend.  I'm no dummy -- I know he's just trying to keep his foot in the door hoping I'll change my mind.  That is unlikely and I told him so.

Here's a multiple choice question for you:

If a man ONLY communicates through text message and ONLY during the day and NEVER on the weekends, this man is:

(a) married
(b) living with someone
(c) full of sh!t
(d) all of the above

And now, here's a few pictures of Portia to make your day a little brighter:

Have a great weekend!


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