Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bouncebackability (Resilient)

It does my heart good to see my children exhibit traits that I know will serve them well when they are adults.

Over the weekend my daughter had a step competition. Her team knew that they would have a tough time going in but they felt as though they were prepared. Well, things didn't turn out so well and they took it very hard. I mean, this team is used to winning first place at every competition that they participate in and to come home without even placing was definitely devastating.

My daughter called me after the show in tears and gave me every reason in the book why they were robbed and how unfair the whole thing was. I listened silently but I thought to myself that their team was probably resting on the victories of the past and didn't work as hard as they probably should have.

It didn't take my child long to leave the pity party and spring into action. For the rest of the weekend all she did was strategize with her teammates on how to make their routines better. She was focused, she was determined, she was serious. She created steps and listened to tons of music trying to find just the right piece.

I sat back and watched her and I couldn't have been more proud. I told her that I knew she would be successful in life because she has that thing that won't allow her to stay down too long. However, because I'm her mother I had to temper the praise with a little instruction: learn how to take responsibility for the team's part in the failure. It couldn't have been all bad judging, or favoritism or haterism ... hopefully she learned the lesson.


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Blu Jewel said...

That's a great learning lesson and experience for both of you. I'm happy to hear stories like these.

I latest post has a link to this because stories like these must be shared. We hear too many stories about kids who aren't stepping up; it's good to hear ones where kids are.

I'm proud for you.