Monday, April 14, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

... that I picked up my new specs. What do you think? I had to crop the picture to hide my big forehead. :)

What a lovely weekend it was. Nothing spectacular just no stress. It stopped raining long enough on Friday so the Prince was able to cut the grass and my lawn no longer looks like a jungle.

I finished two sample articles over the weekend. I'm trying to get this freelance gig and I had to submit two sample articles that were no longer than 400 words, not in the first person and not in a "blogger's voice". It's harder than it sounds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On Saturday I went to the salon for a facial and I ran into an ex-coworker and I couldn't remember her name. That's a shame especially since I worked with the chick for about a year. I felt bad (or senile) because she called me by name as soon as she saw me. Perhaps I left a bigger impression on her than she did on me. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.

I was supposed to have a dinner date with my guy on Saturday but he picked up a last minute gig and I got bumped. Hmph! So I jumped at the chance to go to the movies with the Prince and the Princess:

Prince: Wanna go on a date?
Queen: Where?
Prince: The movies?
Queen: On you?
Prince: I'll pay you back on Tuesday?
Princess: Can I come?

How is he gonna ask me on a date and make me drive and pay? How sad is it that I jumped at the chance to do something with those brats? So we went to see Str.eet Ki.ngs, which reminded me of D.ay but was still pretty good.

I went to church on Sunday morning and after service I realized that I hadn't had enough so I went back for the evening service. Ever enter God's presence and just feel like you never want to leave? That's how my day was yesterday. I don't like leaving the safety of His arms and go back into the "real" world. I suppose the key is to remain in His presence regardless of where I am physically.

I spoke to my father and he yelled at me for not calling him sooner ... dude, you were sedated for two days and you just got out of ICU. Yeah, he's doing much better.

I'm bringing in a temp this week. She said she couldn't come in at eight because of a prior committment and that she would be here at noon. She just called and said that she couldn't make it at noon because she had to get something to eat. I predict she won't make it to the end of the week. Just because it's a temp job doesn't mean it's not important.


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...


Now that's something I can see my son doing, too. Thaaat's funny.

Luke Cage said...

LOL on the movie date! By the way, my prayers to your father luv. Glad to hear that he is doing much better. And I agree with you on the past weekend. It had been raining quite a bit in the Northern Va area as well and it's been hard doing the lawn and even cleaning my car. BUT, it's expected to be a sweet week weatherwise and ol' Ingrid will be getting the treatment. Hiya Chele!

Sharon said...

My Prince took me to the Mom Pom at his school a week or two ago and shocked the socks off of me when he "showed up to pick me up" with a small bouquet of roses! I was so gratified to see that indeed this Prince was taking some of what he has been taught to heart. The following Sunday, we had a "movie date" followed by our favorite dessert for two, Tall Chocolate Cake at Ruby Tuesdays, both of which I ended up paying for even though he invited me out...One step forward, two steps back...oh well, at least he asked huh?! *smile*

LadyLee said...

Ha! She was hoodwinked on a date. I'm tripping that you had to pay, and you had to drive. But I know that time with your kids was well worth it.

Blah Blah Blah said... my auntie said, c'mon down to can live rent free until you get on your feet...or stay forever. Get a job in Virginia Beach or Chesspeake.

First person I thought of was you... Umm, "knowing" me...what do you think about that move?

chele said...

Bloopty ~ What do I think?

It's beautiful down here and I love it. Definitely not NYC but one of my closest friends moved here from the Bronx and she loves it too. I know you like the excitement of the city so coming here would mean slowing down a bit.

If you're seriously considering it, let me know and we'll talk for real.

lyre said...

I went to my eye dr today too!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Will do. I think I will be down there for two weeks...just to visit and see...she actually lives in Suffolk.
My fear is that I won't have any dating

Blu Jewel said...

LOL@ movie date...sounds like what my lil lady would do to me.

Good news on your dad.