Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Sweet It Is

Gas is so low I can't fit $40 in my tank.

My daughter voluntarily stayed after school for extra help.

My son has an A-average as a freshman in college.

I'm starting a new job.

Life is good.


Hawa Bond said...

Can I start by saying I'm PISSED? I followed your old blog and thought you left the blogging world for good. None of these heffahs who know my face mentioned that your blog was here.

LOL. Now that I got that off my chest...

I was able to catch up about the kids, B, and work. Congrats on all levels, 'cause life does sound good.

My boss owns a small IT business (as in about 40 employees and millions in annual revenue), and she took me to dinner to celebrate 10 years of employment with her. I am the most senior employee in the bunch.

As much as I love my boss and the company, I wish I had the guts to step out for something bigger. As a single mother with two boys, I'm afraid to take anything that resembles a risk. At the end of the day, that fear leaves me feeling lazy, trapped, uninspired, and just plain wrong. I really admire you for keeping things moving.

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nikki said...

lol@hawa...hey, it was just as had for me to find her too! chele moves more than illegals running from ins!

as for you chele, these are the moments to savor, aren't they? i ain't mad atcha.

lyre said...

Hey, You've inspiried me. I applied for new job yesterday. A jump to University level. Wish me luck.

chele said...

@ Hawa and Ms. Nikki ~ So sorry, ladies. I'll try to hang around for a little while this time.

@lyre ~ Good luck, girl!

LadyLee said...

Every Oldgirl needs her own Mastercard commercial!!

LB said...

I paid $26.67 the last time that I was at the gas station! I then jumped in my ride and rode off real fast b/c I felt as if I were stealing gas.

Bballmom said...

Gas is not that cheap in So Cal yet. $30 of premium is still giving me 1/2 tank. Oh well.