Monday, November 10, 2008

Beauty is Pain

My feet are killing me. I should have known better but I was too busy trying to be cute on my first day of work. I probably could have guessed that I'd get a tour of the building but I had no idea my boss would suggest that we walk to lunch. The walk was maybe less than two blocks but damn ... my heels were high and let's face it, I never walk anywhere. Ever. Lesson learned.

I'm so happy to be in my new spot. Everyone I met today was so friendly and let me know how happy they were to have me. Apparently, my department has been needing help for quite some time. I love the professional atmosphere and it is definitely a far cry from where I came from. I love it!

How was your day?


ShellyP said...

Ooh, that does sound painful! I wore some new shoes today too, but I was only my feet for four hours. Today was my first real day at my temp job (got laid off after 12 years of service).

Glad to hear you're welcome at your new job.

LadyLee said...

Soak those feet, Chele!

Glad the first day was successful.

My day was a bit too long. Glad it's over!

nikki said...

lol@u trying to be cute. this is a perfect excuse for your man to rub the feet :)

glad your first day went well.

Icey said...

yaaay for a wonderful first day!

Hawa Bond said...

I know I'm late and wrong... running on ghetto time... but I'm glad to see you had a fabulous (albeit painful) first day. The dogs were talking! LOL

Hawa, author of
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Believer 1964 said...

Work that look girl, but make better choices for the feet!.

Try soaking them in Baking Soda and warm water.