Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Chicken Heads of Atlanta

Remove Formatting from selection Real Chicken Heads of the ATL

How are you going to have a fashion viewing without any fashion to view?

How are you going to arrange for recording studio time and you can't even sing?

How are you going to have a fund raising benefit and not sell tickets or have a contingency plan for broke-ass people who won't give anything?

Stop talking about your "lifestyle" when all you had to do was lay on your back in order to get it.

Tacky! Tacky! Tacky!

This friggin' show gives me a headache.

Hey Bravo! Please do not bring these heffas back for another season! Let's go back to Orange County, please.


Hawa Bond said...

The oldest profession in the world sure pays well these days.


I only saw one episode of this show. How could anybody survive more than one night of watching?

Honestly, I can't hate on the way a woman (or man) achieves their "Happy Place" when it comes to two consenting adults making a life together.

I mean... one woman works her fingers to the bone alone and another takes care of a rich man. In the grand scheme of things neither is wrong although they're judged quite differently.

Am I going to get some sistah hate for this one in 3...2...1... LOL

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LB said...

My cuz told me about this show and I actually fought sleep to catch it last night and could not understand what all the drama was about. I happily emailed her when I got to work and told her to not recommend one more show to me. I'll just stick to HGTV and the Food Network.

TJ said...

I saw this show once. When I read about the premier party I thought it was odd that the FASHION DESIGNER showed up wearing somebody else's clothes. She also wore somebody else's clothes to her birthday party, which was another opportunity to showcase her talent. I found that really really odd, but I thought that was me. I see I did the right thing by passing on the other episodes.

Blu Jewel said...

I had the misfortune to stomach one episode of this show and said, "no more". Where is the class and tact? It's sickeing to me that woman are continuing to use their ass and not sets to get what they want. *ugh*. I'd rather be broke and/or stuggle than to sell myself as some of them have and are.