Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

I love this time of year and I especially love Thanksgiving. I come from a large family (six brothers and sisters) and Thanksgiving was always fun for me. It wasn't sticky sweet like Little House on the Prairie or anything but we always had a good time.

When I was a kid Thanksgiving always started early in the morning with the smell of food. I love waking up to the smell of food. Of course, that never happens now that I'm an adult but when I was kid it was the best thing ever. I'm surprised I don't weigh 500 pounds. Waking up and watching my mom do her thing in the kitchen while the boys got ready to go to the high school football game with my father. The girls would either try to help in the kitchen or plop down in front of the television and watch the Macy's parade. Good times.

We usually sat down to eat at around 3:00 p.m. My mother would say the blessing and us kids would be fighting back laughter through the whole thing. I don't know what was so funny but we couldn't stop laughing until we were threatened with being sent away from the table.

These days, Thanksgiving is a smaller affair but I still love it just the same. Every year I cook like I'm expecting twenty people although I don't believe I've ever reached that number. However, last year I pretty much blew off Thanksgiving. I just wasn't feeling it. In the last few days both my kids have been dropping hints that they can't wait for Thanksgiving ... so I guess I'm cooking. That makes me smile. I love to cook for other people because for me that is a true expression of love. This year my menu will consist of:

roasted turkey breast
glazed ham
fresh collard greens
macaroni and cheese
my sister's special dressing
black forest cake
ice cream
red wine (meritage)
white wine (reisling)

What are your plans for the holiday?


Hawa Bond said...

Actually, this holiday season is depressing for me. In the past, my two boys and I would spend holidays with my parents. It was awesome, and we've always been close.

But my mother doesn't like my fiance and basically refuses to be in the same room with him. We haven't spent a holiday together in two years. The closest we came was sitting at the same table at a Thanksgiving table last year in a big hall (a huge family - close family friends - invited us to eat with them).

We were invited again this year. The hostess is an 80-year old woman! I grew up with her grandkids, and I call her "Aunt."

She's getting older and wants us all together. My mom didn't even want to go, and told "Aunt" that she doesn't like my fiance. Auntie insisted, so we're going.

I don't really want to, but I love Auntie and the family, and my two boys would be disappointed. I really just want to pass on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. For the first time in my life, I'm not looking forward to either.

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chele said...

That's how I was feeling last year. Just not wanting to be bothered. I never like to go anywhere for the holidays, I just prefer to chill at my house with my kids and if people want to join us then they are more than welcome. It's too bad your mom feels the way she does. Life is way too short to let special moments slip by.

lyre said...

I'm going to home to GA.
We also always have Greens and macncheese. My mom always had red rice with shrinp and greenpeas. and my dad always made a cawliflower casserole. I make them every year in their honor. I am a vegetarian but my kids arent so I cook a turkey. Plus cranberry sauce! andmy daughter loves stuffing. NO HAM!

Bballmom said...

We will be at my parents house in Las Vegas. Mom emailed me the menu the other day:

Smoked Turkey and Fried Turkey
Greens with smoked meat
Candied yams
Macaroni and Cheese
Green beans and potatos
Lemon Cake
Chess Pie
Pumpkin Pie
7-up Cake

I can't wait! I will only get to spend 2 days with my parents and my family, but it's better than nothing.

TJ said...

Menu looks awesome! I'm going to have to post mine. If it doesn't rain, we'll do the marathon in the park by the zoo. Otherwise, we'll have a nice meal at home.

Serenity3-0 said...

Can I have some of that meritage?

Believer 1964 said...

You brought back some of my fond memories of the Holidays as a child. I was thinking about the past briefly, the other day, but "now" is always quick to snatch me back into reality.

I may have to steal this idea of memories and a menu for this week's post.

By the way, you are in the Spotlight on my blog. Check my sidebar.

Rose said...

Hi Chele:
I'll be spending time at mom's house. All of the kids will bring their special dish and we'll say prayer and just enjoy each other. I'm from a large family, with six of us siblings (out of eight) still living. I'll be taking my brocolli, cheese and rice casserole and fried cabbage that everyone begs me to make every holiday. But I'll be cooking plenty more to keep at my house since my sister is cooking the same menu at mom's for everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving!