Monday, December 1, 2008

The Aftermath

I'm fat.

Heavy and fat.

I'm eating salads all this week. Well, except for maybe date night ... we're staying in and I'll prepare striped sea bass.

But besides that ... salads damn it!


Terry said...

Why you gotta say you're fat? Huh? Why talk about it eh? You just wanted to remind me that I'm fat huh? That's why you did it - cause you didn't want to come right out and say, "Terry, your white ass sure is fat." So you snuck it in like that by saying your slim behind was fat.

See how you are Chele?

So now I guess my fat ass will be eating salads this week.

TJ said...

Thought I was the only one on the fruit and veggie express :)

LadyLee said...

I know that's right, honey... Water, fruits and veggies are my best friends right about now, lol.

Icey said...

Sea bass is my favorite fish! happy salad eating! lol