Friday, February 13, 2009

The Randomosity

I feel like running away from home.

I am so grateful to have found a good job in this economy.

Even though it is not an effective way to deal with people, I am a master of the silent treatment.

There was a plane crash last night. A Continental flight leaving Newark. Had I gone on my business trip I would have been flying out of Newark yesterday on a Continental flight. It wasn’t the same flight but it sure has me thinking.

I hate my hair and I really just want to cut it all off. I won’t because shorter hair requires more maintenance than longer hair.

I’m going to try out a new yoga studio next week.

I feel old. I have never felt old before and I don’t like it.

I still don’t understand the appeal of Facebook.

I still haven’t chosen a restaurant for next month’s review and the submission deadline is seven days away.

Two of my former co-workers have interviews at the same company for the same job and they both listed me as a reference. I haven’t received a call about either one of them yet.

My house needs so many home improvements. I want to replace the tile in the foyer, the downstairs hallway and the kitchen; replace the carpet on the second floor; convert my garage into living space; enclose my back patio and add a deck off my bedroom.

I need to make an appointment to have my iron levels checked. I’m dragging my feet because I know what the result is going to be. My levels are low … really low. They’ve been really low for a few decades now. I take iron everyday and I’m not falling out in the street … so just leave me alone. Seriously.

I liked Grey’s Anatomy last night. I never really got into The Practice but I enjoyed the crossover thing that they did. I heard Heigl and Knight were leaving the show. I can’t say I blame them … their story lines for this season are horrible.

I’m really looking forward to my V-Day lunch tomorrow. Maybe we’ll go to a movie in the evening.

I’m going to sign off for now. Enjoy your weekend.


Terry said...

You're not old Chele. Old is when you get to the point you don't want to enjoy your life anymore and just sit and waste away.

You have too much living that you want to do.

TJ said...

I like running away too. I'm going to be painting and replacing flooring all Spring/Summer. I've already made peace with it.

TJ said...
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Blu Jewel said...

I want to run away too! I have this entire parallel universe mapped out in my mind where I am when I runaway.

You? Old? Yea, okay lady!

I'm with you the Facebook thing, but I am at least trying to use it more.

I cut my hair off and I love it.

I was shook when I heard about the flight that crashed. It's very sad and very scary.

I love my job and do not complain.

I'm with you on the home improvements. I have a list of things to get done and I've started in increments.

hope your v-day lunch was great.

Love to live; live to love.

Bunny Brown said...

Please stay on top of that iron situation. Can't have you passing out in the streets and stuff!!