Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Man, Why?

So, I come back from lunch and this little gift was left on my desk. Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Promises.
Don't these people know that I'm on a mission????


LadyLee said...

Whoever did that was wrong, wrong, WRONG!!

Just throw them on the breakroom table with a note that says "have some!"

(That's what we do around these parts! LOL!)

TJ said...

At least they weren't milk chocolate? Like Ladylee, I'd share em out.

Diva (in Demand) said...

Somebody's trying to tell you something. LOL

Bunny Brown said...

PUSH them suckas on somewhere else LOL!!! But knowing me I'd be like ok I can have just one. Then before you know it the whole dang bag would be gone!!!!

Blah Blah Blah said... what did you do Chele?
Eat 'em or ditch 'em?

Put a sugn up at your desk...
Please Do Not Feed
Like at the zoo.

chele said...

Those chocolates are in my desk drawer unopened. Once I lose these two inches I'll need a small reward!

Blu Jewel said...

I don't eat chocolate, so that would never be tempting, but a slice of a really good pie or cake; is a whole other story. You'll earn them Chele

Love to live; live to love!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Girl I woulda ate it, then ran around the office. Trust. I've HAD to....and no one was tempting me.