Friday, December 4, 2009

Are You Fearless?

Take the quiz here

Do you settle?
Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop?
Do you hide yourself from other people?
Do you doubt yourself?
Do you ever allow anyone to really get to know you?
Do you do things because you think you have to, need to, or should?
Do you have trouble trusting yourself and your decisions?
Do you complain?
Are you unfulfilled in any area of your life?
Do you say yes when you really want to say no?
Do you give up on yourself before you ever try?
Are you always putting your needs last?
Do you have to be in charge?
Do you find yourself holding back when you want to whistle, giggle or sing?
Do you find yourself not asking for support when you need it?
Do you have a tendency to compare yourself to anyone and everyone?
Are you afraid to love first?
Do you blame your parents for the way you turned out?
Do you think something has to change in order for you to be happy?
Are you holding it all together even though you feel as though you're falling apart?


Anonymous said...

I took the quiz and it was "spot on."

What a coincidence?

A friend from another state and I are going to be reading and discussing "The Dance of Fear: Rising above Anxiety, Fear, and Shame to Be Your Best and Bravest Self" by Harriet Lerner.

TJ said...

Interesting quiz on fear.

This One Woman said...

What's so sad is that I knew the answers before I even looked at the quiz. Eh, I am a work in progress. I may look into the book mentioned above. I sounds interesting.

LadyLee said...

Only person who could answer these questions in the most positive way is Jesus Himself.

I have been fearful in one way or another during my lifetime when answering these questions. The answers have changed to quite a few of them. Shows we are all still under construction...