Friday, February 12, 2010


I have the sniffles and I'm not happy about it. It started on Wednesday afternoon. I worked from home yesterday so I wouldn't infect my office mate and today I'm feeling a little better.

Only 36 more days until Spring!

This weekend is Valentine's ... any big plans? We did our thing last weekend, so it'll be quiet around the homefront. I am looking forward to making a big pot of chicken soup. I have a bottle of merlot at the house:

which I'm also looking forward to opening. I was never really a huge fan of merlot but I tried this one at a tasting recently and I really enjoyed it.

I'll pick up V-Day cards and candy for the Prince and the Princess. It's a long-standing tradition although I think they think they are too old to receive little heart-shaped boxes of candy from their mother ... but what can I say?

I was buying these enviro-logs for the fireplace:

They don't really put out any heat, but it makes the room feel cozy and they are supposedly good for the environment. Well, last week I decided that I was going to get some real wood and start a real fire. Warning: Don't buy packaged wood from the supermarket -- that mess doesn't light for nothing! I was really pissed. Bryan and I both spent the better part of the afternoon trying to start that fire with no success. And Bryan is the master fire starter. I'm going back to the envirologs.


Only 36 days until Spring ...

Have a great weekend.


Luv said...

i think it's cute that you do that for your children...they will appreciate it when they grow up...sends a powerful msg.. have u ever thought about getting them to send each other one?

Anonymous said...

My daughter had more than the sniffles, but is on the mend. It was a long week!

I taste tested Pinot Grigio last week, and really like it. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Bunny Brown said...

Only 36 days to Spring, brang it!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo ready!! Have you noticed it's starting to stay lighter out now? Yes!!!!!!