Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Review: Committed, A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

I finished the book today and I really enjoyed it. In a nutshell, Elizabeth Gilbert and the love of her life Felipe were happily enjoying their lives in an unmarried state. They both had recovered from devastating divorces and just didn’t feel the need to get married again. Until the Department of State informed them that the only way Felipe could stay in the country is if they were to marry.

The thought of matrimony sent both of them into a tizzy. Which is why she wrote this book. She researched marriage to try and get to the bottom of why she was so opposed to it.

The book has eight chapters and delves into these themes as they relate to marriage: surprises, expectation, history, infatuation, women, autonomy, subversion and ceremony.

She freely admits that throughout the book she is trying to convince herself that getting married is a good idea. That everything will be “okay” should she decide to take the plunge. I love her writing style but I also love the fact that her concerns are my concerns. Her fears are my fears. Her objections are my objections. Hell, I could’ve written this book. The only difference is: Liz has to get married. I don’t.



LadyLee said...

Well, it's your choice, babes...

Up to you. I'm just glad you found a source that showed you that your feelings are legitimate. It also proves there is nothing new under the sun.

I think, like you, I don't have that fairy tale complex about marriage. It is a serious serious thing, and falling short at it one time is enough to shake anybody in their shoes...

But like I said, you found a source to give you hope. And that's a good thing. I trust whichever decision you make will be the right one for you.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is work most of the time, and sometimes you wonder if it's worth it.

I think it is.

When in a season of struggle for one or both, each should stand in faith that it will lead to years of more excellent fruit individually and as a couple.

lyre said...

There is no rush. You and B love each other. Life is good. Princess will be gone soon and then maybe if you want to, yall can tie the knot or not. I think it's working. When you are my age and the bones start aching and the hair is salt and pepper and the kids are grown and gone, you just might want to wake up with B and know that the future is one with his, legally.