Friday, April 30, 2010

Amazing Stories

You know I never delve into the gossip or the current events because it's just not what I do here. But I had such a strong reaction to this interview that I had to write about it.

Did you tune in to Oprah yesterday?

If you didn’t, she interviewed Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ baby mama. That interview was a trip. A straight up trip. Rielle said that no one in her life thought it was a good idea for her to do the interview. She should have listened. She confirmed everything that the public, or at least what I believed about her before the interview: She’s a trifling whore.

I have a real problem with someone who justifies doing something that is clearly wrong by saying, “I was following my heart.” Or, “I was living my truth.” Or, “I was being true to my authentic self.”

Really? Really?

So, your “truth” tells you to have sex with a married man and have his baby?



Rielle, sweetie … it does not matter if the Edwards marriage was a “myth” as you called it. In the state of North Carolina it was a legal fact. It does not matter that you didn’t make any vows to his wife. The fact that the man had a wife should have told you that he was off limits. What the eff is wrong with you?

It made me sick to watch her giggle and refer to him as “Johnny”. That b*tch is straight crazy. And when she said she was so sure that he wasn’t lying to her … I almost choked. Really? He lies about everything! He denied you and his baby on national television! How blind are you? You were the jump off and he has no reason to be honest to you. Do you think your daughter isn’t going to resent the both of you because of all this? Do you honestly believe that somewhere along the line, Johnny won’t begin to resent you for all of this. He is incapable of taking any responsibility so you’ll become the fall guy.

Ah yes, but all of this has made Rielle a better person. She followed her heart and slept with a married man and gave birth to his child. She watched him deny her and the child. She stood by as he cooked up a scheme to have his friend say the child was his. She watched him renew his marriage vows and if Elizabeth hadn’t left him he’d probably still be right there with her. How did all of this make you a better person?


Anna Renee said...

Hi Chele! I remembered this at 4.30and watched the last half. When Oprah asked her to talk about the state of their "relationship" she then says, "Some things gotta be private" RIGHT. When Oprah asked her if "Johnny" loves her she said, "Yes, but you gotta ask him"
What she means is that the writing is on the wall and in the clearness of her teenaged mindset, she can see that she was bamboozled, hoodwinked and a made a fool of herself. She went through all that to get that "important" man to make herself feel important and now she sees that hes just a human as she is, and one without any integrity, as she.
She posed because she was trying to make herself feel sexy, thats right. Her self esteem is shot to ____ and her way of uplifting herself is to step down on another woman, using sex to steal her man.
Now she sees that she still doesnt have "Johnny" because Johnny probably misses the drive and tenacity of his wife which helped propell him into politics. Compare that kind of woman to someone like Rialle. Now John's wife may have got hard to deal with but she's the strong woman--and most politicians have strong women at their sides, not the likes of a perpetual teenager like Rialle.
Nuff said.

Luv said...

um u might not want to visit my post today...but i will say that i never told anyone what I was doing was right..i knew it was wrong which is probably why i was so miserable in the relationship.. and she also may have been going through something that didn't allow her to see or act straight..

my bias 2 cents on the matter

Diva (in Demand) said...

Chele....when I saw the clip and this chick said she bought him a phone that looked just like his work phone so that he could talk to her and nobody would know....I stopped in my tracks.

Soooooooooo Y'ALL having the affair but YOU bought a phone so he could talk to you? So he wasn't trying to talk to you or he didn't care if anyone knew? Interesting.

TJ said...

I was stunned by the clips I did see. I know this is a prominent news story, but I think I would have let the today show or good morning america have this one. It's such a flaming hot tawdry mess. She really should have listened to her advisors and not done it.

Shai said...

Thank you! I saw part of the interview and wanted to hurl. I caught the re-broadcast at 1 am. SMH. I turned over and went to sleep.

Her cavalier attitude towards Elizabeth and the marriage disturbed me. Why are the mistresses mad at the wives? Like if she was X then he wouldn't be with you. SMH.

He is lying to himself so he is lying to all he talks to. Simply put.