Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thought for the Day

I know that no one ever wants to seem ungrateful for the life that they have. I know I don't. But just for a minute allow your mind to wander and picture the life that you've always wanted.

What does it look like?

Do you think it's possible to have that life?

What's stopping you from creating that life?

Well, here's my message for the day: don't let anything stop you from fulfilling your dreams and living the life that you always wanted. You deserve it. I used to be an "instant gratification" type of person. If it didn't happen quickly that meant it wasn't going to happen. I've learned that a delay does not translate into a denial. I can see what's coming ... and it sure looks good to me. Be patient. Don't give up. Know that what you want is already yours.


lyre said...

YES! Dreams do come true. I am goign to pursue mine. I can't wait until you realize yours! Love you girl! Life is jsut beginning! AMEN!

TJ said...

What an inspirational post! I've been doing that for the past few months, envisioning the life that I want. I'm getting there. :)

Remnants of U said...

You certainly make me think that there is hope.

I really have to work on my faith.

Lois Lane said...

Very inspiring post! Loving it!

Andrea S.

Luv said...

yes so i can still marry T.I. yippeee

Icey said...

I so needed this message!