Friday, May 14, 2010


I had planned to reward myself with a new pair of sandals for sticking to my workout/diet schedule for the week. But I blew it yesterday by blowing off the gym and opting to sit on my couch and drink 3 glasses of wine and eat havarti cheese.

I didn’t need those sandals this week anyway. There’s always next week.
I am, however, still going to get a facial because it’s been on the calendar for a while now.

I’m going to touch up my roots.

I’m going to have a nice lunch somewhere … haven’t decided where yet.

Grocery shopping.




Relax with a book.

What’s up for your weekend?


TJ said...

This weekend I'll be doing some yard work, shopping, an anniversary dinner, church and if the weather permits, hanging outside with the kiddies. Maybe I'll go for a jog or two.

Jill of Ark said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Chele! I struggle with the same thing when it comes to setting up a reward system to help me stick to my goals. But sometimes, you need to just reward yourself for being you without any strings attached, so I'm glad to see you stuck with your facial!

I'm checking out a Nia class tomorrow morning and dog sitting a cat and greyhound for the weekend--looking forward to both.


Shell said...

The wine sounds a lot more relaxing- and that is my problem. Must get back to yoga!

Thanks for visiting on my SITS day last Monday!