Monday, July 19, 2010

Being Present

Good weekend. Very good weekend.

Besides getting inked, I did my grocery shopping, I took the Princess shopping, made the Prince his birthday cake, enjoyed some wings and a glass of wine (or two), went to church, the gym and the movies.

I did a lot this weekend. By 10:00 last night I was worn the heck out.

I ordered this book for my book club meeting in September
(I didn’t read July’s book and I already completed the book for August) and while I’m waiting for it to arrive I started to re-read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I really like this book and this guy is as deep as the ocean. This is one of those books where I need complete silence in order to read it and I end up pondering paragraphs for hours.

One of things that I pondered this weekend was the notion of “This too shall pass”. We use this phrase all the time when we are comforting ourselves during difficult periods.

This too shall pass.

It is a reminder that whatever horrible thing is going on, it won’t last forever. Tolle reminds us however, that this phrase also applies to when we are experiencing happy or joyful moments.

This too shall pass.

I think the point is, that we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in our sadness or our happiness because each are equally fleeting and that knowing this truth helps to keep us focused and remain present. He’s not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy our happy times. On the contrary, being aware that those times are temporary should make us enjoy them all the more!

I’ll be pondering that all week.


Luv said...

that's pretty profound..i have to chew on it a lil more.. your title has my soul astirring so i think i am going to head blog about what that means to me while i dash out to get my child

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! What a inspiring blog you have!

Dawn said...

I, too, remind myself of this phrase a LOT!
I also tell myself that "things happen for a reason" good or bad...eventually good will come of it.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Date Girl said...

Most definitely words to live by. Be in the moment and really soak it all in because it's gone before you know it.

TJ said...

Hmm. I told you that's my Mama's mantra, right? LOL. I'm really going to be thinking about that.

Green Monkey said...

"this too shall pass" is something my mother often says and its never resonated with me - but everything is temporary and hope is a choice.

beautiful blog you have ..... and I am intrigued by the book

thanks for following me! and I will be doing the same. enjoy surrounding myself with positive, inspiring, women.

best to you, Shannon aka Green Monkey