Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Discovering Italy

Back in September in this post I put up my dream board, which included a trip to Italy.

I’m going.

That’s it.

I’m inspired by those of you who have made the trek to Europe and this is something that I really want to do. So why not?

I love the planning stages.

I’ve decided that I want to see Tuscany.

Beautiful landscapes and art

I want to drink a lot of good wine and eat awesome guilt-free food.

I want to see something and say, “Wow!”

According to the Tuscany travel guide, the best time to go is late April – early June and mid September to late October … which is my birthday. I’m thinking October 2011. Plenty of time to plan and save.



TJ said...

Italy looks like a really neat place to visit!

Diva (in Demand) said...

CHELE...CHICA! TJ and I are going to Tuscany next year!!! I'll email you!

Luv said...

Great..I have was cold when I went and I had an attitude..We are supposed to go backbacking across Italy next year with the kids..hmph..we will see

Real Life Reslers said...

That sounds great! I wonder if the leaning tower will ever fall?

ali said...

That's wonderful!! Please keep us posted about your progess. I'm planning to celebrate my 50th in's in July...hope it not too hot. Well, hotter than southern heat anyway.

Remnants of U said...

I really need some stamps in my empty passport. LOL There are alot of places I want to go. But in Europe I want to start with Greece & or Italy.

I'm excited for you, having a date in mind makes it real.

MommyJ said...

I would love, LOVE to go to Italy. I'm not a big traveler, but Italy has always been a place I would love to go. Happy planning!

(clicked over from your comment on SITS... love the background on your blog too. Can I go there?)

Single Ma said...

Ooooh Chele, I wanna go with you!! I am soooo serious. You know I can't do September but October would be peeeerfect. Just in time for another vacay!