Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Reading - Shout Outs

I read everyone on my blogroll everyday. They don’t post everyday but I do check everyday. However, there are three women that are at the top of my reading list every morning. They are smart, funny, thoughtful and they always make me think. You should check them out:

Single Ma: I started reading Single Ma back when all she talked about was finances. How to save, how to build wealth, interest rates, investing ... you name it and she spoke on it. She is quick to tell you that she’s not a financial advisor but the woman is smart. I learned so much from her and was always so very inspired. She took a break for a little while but she came back with a vengeance and now physical fitness is one of her main priorities. She discusses diet and nutrition like an expert and through her experiences she always manages to inspire. Her writing is always positive and fun. I see her one day writing a book on whatever topic she wants: successful single parenting, finances, fitness … whatever she decides I know it will be awesome.

Diva in Demand: I started reading this diva back when she was a single gal trying to find her way (ain’t we all?). I think I commented on one of her posts and she emailed me afterward and we just struck up this cyber friendship. She’s another smart one with a quick wit and she definitely don’t take no sh*t. I love that about her. Her posts are remarkable. Sometimes personal, sometimes political, always truthful. She’s creative and classy and she tried to teach me how to make gravy. I’m still working on it …

That Original OldGirl the Fabulous LadyLee: Where do I begin? I don’t remember how or when I started reading her but I’m glad I did. This is one of the most prolific writers I have ever met. She is one of the very few people that can hold my attention with loooooooooooong posts. Because every word that she writes means something. She loves words and you can tell. She doesn’t just put something down for the sake of putting it down. It means something to her and in turn she makes it mean something to me. She has a huge heart and is unbelievably generous. She is kind. And she makes the best cookies on the planet!

All three of these ladies have something important to say and I never leave their blogs without feeling something. You’re able to put a smile on my face. You make me think. Sometimes I shed a tear. You have a profound effect on me.

And for that I am so grateful.

Thank you, Ladies!


Remnants of U said...

Thanks for the introduction to other bloggers. I'm not sure when I started reading LadyLee, but I've enjoyed her every since I started.

Diva (in Demand) said...

HEY THAT'S ME!!!! My blog idol just said that I put a smile on her face! YAY ME!

Now about this gravy.....lol

LadyLee said...

Stand down, Diva (in Demand). Chele's MY blog idol! STAND DOWN!

Wowwww! I said Woooowwww... *lee cheesing hard like Buckwheat, doing high Rockette kicks, and fanning self with Obama chuuuch fan*

Thanks for the kind words, Oldgirl. I do know, somehow, you are one of the few who make it through my loooongwinded posts. And I am thankful for that. I truly am.

Single Ma said...

Whoa! Wow! I am honored...truly honored. Thank you Chele! I sure hope you know the blog admiration is mutual. :-)

If God is willing, that book is coming...one day.

ali said...

I follow all of you (Remnants,Diva,LadyLee,Single Ma and Chele) like a baby blogger looking up to her big-blogger sister. You are all my blog idols.
I never thought I'd be blogging this long (almost 2 years now) it's because I e-stalk your blogs that, I'm able to write.