Sunday, September 5, 2010

WLC - 1st Sunday Weigh In

Not sure if you can see that or not ... but it says 138. Which means, so far I have lost 2lbs!!!!

This accurately reflects my efforts this week. I've been super careful with my eating. I even ate out last night but my eating during the day was such that I was prepared.

I worked out hard on Wednesday and Saturday and I was able to increase my speed and duration on the treadmill.

I'm feeling pretty good about this.

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MsBabyPlan said...

Hello girl, please join me in my Wii Fit challenge - you don't need to have a Wii Fit, all you need is to be in a journey toward a fitter you :). I have started this new challenge to focus on my health and fitness again and it will be great to do this together.

Please stop by.