Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WLC - Midweek Update

I am so going to meet this challenge. That 5 lbs is as good as gone!

I went to the gym today even though I felt kinda yucky after work. Normally, I would make every excuse in the book: I'll go tomorrow, I'll work out at home, my stomach feels funny, blah blah blah ... not this time. I came home, took my daughter to step practice, synced my ipod, and carried my butt to the gym. At first, I was feeling not so good but I kept going. Breathing, telling myself that I could do it ... just keep going ... I kept increasing my speed and before you know it

46 minutes had passed
3.14 miles had been accomplished
464 calories had been burned


My eating schedule was all out of whack today because I had a mid-morning meeting. Which actually proved something that I suspected ... I really don't get hungry at 10:00. I'm just bored and choose food to occupy my time. That and FB. Anyway, I missed my morning snack and since I had a late lunch I missed my afternoon snack.

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg on a whole grain english muffin
Lunch: Leftovers from last night (3 cheese chicken pasta bake)
Before workout snack: 1 slice of whole wheat bread with a 1 tbs of peanut butter
Dinner: Bowl of Special K Redberries with 2% milk
I had one cup of green tea in the morning and water throughout the day

I may have a glass of white wine before I call it a night.

Feeling pretty good right about now.


Anonymous said...

I tried the 3 cheese chicken penne bake last night. It was soooo good!

chele said...

@Sasha: I know right! It was so easy to make and even my kids ate it. I'm making pepper steak with brown rice tonight. Yummy!

Shell said...

You are doing great!

Vivianne's Vista said...

You go Girl! You did great! I should also try to do the special K challenge by replacing a meal with cereal. Sounds like a good way to not starve while DIETing! (To me that's 4 letter word.)