Friday, December 3, 2010


Okay so here’s the thing: every now and then I search through the (minimal) options on an on-line dating site. I have a profile, without a picture and I am not a paying member. Why? Because I’m not really ready to go there but I’m still curious.

Yesterday, I received a quick note from a guy who (of course) asked to see a picture and said he liked my profile. I scanned his profile and two things jumped out: he only goes to church on special occasions and his favorite restaurant was TGIFriday.

After I finished laughing, I hit the X in the right hand corner and kept it moving.

The church thing bugged me a little because it's hard to relate to somone spiritually if I attend services every week and they don't attend at all or on special occasions. And I would rather not be in a position where I have to beg someone to accompany me to church. I love going and I would like the person I'm with to share that with me.

The restaurant thing is a little more difficult for me to accept. TGIFriday? Really? If you know me, you know I take my food very seriously. I do not frequent chain restaurants. I just don’t. I have nothing against you if that’s your choice, it’s just not mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken the kids to Red Robin for dinner several times. I’ve even hit up Smokey Bones in a pinch. And let's not forget the spicy garlic wings at Buffalo Wild Wing.

But on the regular? Um no. I don’t know where you live but around these parts there are just too many good locally owned spots with fantastic food and service for me to pass them by. I write about some of my favorites here. It drives me crazy when folks suggest a trip to Red Lobster when we live minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay and have access to fresh seafood. Fresh seafood, I said!!!

So a guy who tells me that his favorite restaurant is TGIFriday gets the side-eye. O_o His favorite? All I can see is a lifetime of cheap wine and potato skins. I simply cannot. Then I thought, well maybe I can introduce him to some nicer restaurants (by the way, “nicer” does not always mean more expensive). Well, I can’t do that either. I don’t want to be in a position where I’m always waiting for someone to catch up. And somehow I don’t believe that a person who frequents TGIFriday would be very open to try new things.

Does this make me a snob? It's okay if you say yes. If I'm a snob, at least I'm a well-fed snob.

I'm out.


Sandstone said...

No, I dont think that makes you a snob because I'm kind of that way, especially with the church attendance.

On the other hand, I do think that it would be ok to 'stop by' a TGIF every once in a while, if it's just to grab a quick bite or something like that, but definitely not for a date.

Sidenote: Maybe that was just a quick response that he gave for answering that question and he didnt put much thought into

PoetessWug said...

I would never use the word "Snob". It's so.......snobbish. But....Um....Um.....I think you get my drift! ^_^

TJ said...

People have preferences. It is what it is.

Sarah said...

I laughed all the way through this entry, and I'm not 100% sure why.

Don't think it makes you a snob at all! While I'm all about the Friday's occasionally if I'm looking for something specific they have, I prefer to make my own food, and, if I do go out, to find something different! There are so many non-chain restaurants around no matter where you live!

Also. . .can you explain the expression "giving someone the side-eye" to me? I have seen that in no fewer than 4 places today, and while I have kind of a visual, I'd never heard it before.

chele said...

Sarah: The side-eye is when you look at someone like they've lose their mind. O_o

It's more like a one raised eyebrow look.

Anonymous said...

Snob...I don't think so...a person who has personal preferences... probably...trying to find a person that "sees eye to eye"...most definitely :-)

ShellyShell said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahha! This made me crack the hell up. I FEEL the exact same way. My girlfriend's husbands favorite restaurant is APPLEBEE'S. When he said that one night I was like ARUUUUUU? My girl looked sooo embarassed. I was like Appledamnbee's? GTFOH? Wouldn't and couldn't be me! I'm like we live in NYC the amount of great mom and pop cafe's that produce great food is ridiculous!

Yes, I've gone to Buffalo Wild Wings for wings but it's not my favorite place! I'm with you Chell. He would DEFINITELY get the side eye! LMAO!

Remnants of U said...

Uh, no not a snob, because if you are then I have to admit to being one too. I do go to some chain restaurants, but "favorite"? umm I'll pass.

Diva (in Demand) said...

You sure know how to make me laugh. LOL That does not make you a snob. It means that you know good food and go where good food is.

Ca88andra said...

I don't think you're a snob. You just know what you like and won't settle for less. I admire you!

ali said...

I feel ya on this one big time. Living in the food mecca that is New Orleans, I'd look at someone the same way for that one!
I didn't go out with a guy once because he told me he wanted to take me to...wait for it...PICADILLY!
I was like, DO know this is New Orleans right? You can get some slamming food just about anywhere here and you picked Picadilly's?!