Friday, February 4, 2011

How I'm Feeling


Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...


Well I hope to get a lot done...including my hair! Uh, and I will admit that I don't give a hoot about the Superbowl. Chicago is out so whatever!

PoetessWug said...

If snow wasn't coming again on Saturday, I'd be with you!...But alas......Aargh!!!

chele said...

@ Eyes: It's funny ... I'm not a football fan at all, but I always watch the Superbowl.

@ Poetess: Hold on just a little while longer. Spring is almost here!

EmptyNester said...

What a purrr-fect picture. I know, I tried really hard to resist...I failed...LOL

Super Bowl: never miss it regardless of who's playing...neither of our teams made it anywhere near it--Panthers played like they weren't wearing cups or something.

I covet everyone's snow!