Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

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Here are the questions:


1. Did you watch the Superbowl?
2. What is the last book that you read?
3. What is your favorite kind of cake?
4. Do you snore?
5. Do you play an instrument?

1. Did you watch the Superbowl? I sure did. I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagaination. In fact, this is the only game I watch all year. It is the Super Bowl after all. I also love football movies like Friday Night Lights and Any Given Sunday. I don't know why. Last night's game was very exciting I think I tweeted and updated FB during the entire game. It was like watching it with a bunch of friends.

2. What is the last book you read? I think the last book I completed is this month's book club pick:

I enjoyed this memoir about the author's escape from a very unstable, poor upbringing.

3. What is my favorite kind of cake? Cheesecake. Hands down. No question.

4. Do you snore? Not that I'm aware of.

5. Do you play an instrument? Sadly, I do not. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. I even tried once, read about that fiasco here. I guess it just wasn't in the cards for me.


shopannies said...

my son in law loves cheesecake so much it was served at their wedding as the groom cake

shopannies said...

forgot to let you know I am a new follower of yours you can find mine at annies home located at

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

I love cheesecake too! Especially the one we make from the recipe my Auntie gave me using jelly (jello). Its really yummy & you don't have to bake it.
have a great week!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

That cheesecake looks so good!

I'm your latest Google Follower, by the way. Nice to meet you. :D

I played, too! :D Sorry I'm late. :( Been a crazy week.

Rebecca at