Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Difference ...

... a week makes.

When I say, "This too shall pass", I really mean it cause it's really true.

It's Sunday night and all is right with the world. Funny how that works, isn't it? I've come to realize that whether I like it or not sh*t is going to happen. How I respond will determine my level of peace.

I finally watched For Colored Girls and really wished I hadn't. My gut told me not to see it when it first came out and I didn't. I should have continued to listen to my gut.

The gut never lies.

I'm going in for an iron check tomorrow. For those of you that are late to the game, I'm anemic and my iron levels have always been ridiculously low. I've been on a prescription strenth iron supplement for the past three months and hopefully tomorrow I'll find out if my levels are up.

I got in two really good workouts this weekend. I feel wonderful.

I was going to watch the All-Star game but I think I'll prepare to turn in.

Have a great week.


Carol said...

My Aunt used to say This too shall pass all the time. Good words to remember and live by.

Why do you wish you wouldn't have seen for colored girls?

I love Tyler Perry's things, most of the time.


Carol said...

Hope you get good results tomorrow from the doc's and labs.


Kristy said...

I haven't seen that movie, what didn't you like about it? I'd be interested to know. You should post about it.

bunny said...

FCG's was deep and gut wrenching. I can't believe it didn't get any nominations because they acted their butts off! Hope your iron levels are good enough that you don't have to have an infusion. Those suck!!

TJ said...

I hope all went well with the iron check. I saw the play so I'm going to wait to see the movie.

LadyLee said...

Man, that movie... I needed a good laugh afterwards. Waaay too depressing.

Hope that iron count go up!

Tarsha R said...

Low iron sucks!

I have no desire to see the movie and I am going with my gut on this one.