Thursday, June 30, 2011


I’m off next week. I didn’t plan anything. This time last year I went away for a few days to a beautiful spa and had a lovely time. It would have been my seventh anniversary with my ex but instead I decided to celebrate my independence. I enjoyed delicious food, relaxing spa treatments and beautiful scenery.

This year, I didn’t plan a thing. I thought about it, but I couldn’t. I enjoy traveling and I enjoy doing things on my own because it certainly has its advantages. But honestly, I’m tired of doing things by myself. That is my life for the time being and I will take advantage of it. There will be a time when I’ll long for some alone time. Right now, I have plenty.

Next week I’ll be running my second 5k and I’m hoping to improve my time. Besides that, I plan to spend some time at the beach. I plan to do a lot of reading and a reasonable amount of writing.

What about you? What are your plans for the 4th?


ShellyShell said...

I just returned from Miami celebrating my bday. This weekend I'm going to get back on the eating right and running track. I have a midnight boatride tomorrow and a bbq's on Sunday and Monday. I hope you have a great weekend Chell!

Diva (in Demand) said...

I'll probably grill some meat this weekend. I'm so excited about this grill. And I volunteered to work on Monday after the offer of an additional day off down the road. Have fun on your staycation!