Monday, July 18, 2011

A Safe Place

This weekend’s sermon was entitled “We All Need a Safe Place” and the text was taken from John 8:2-11. It’s the familiar story about Jesus forgiving the adulterous woman.

We know that it was the Pharisees’ intent to set Jesus up and trap him into doing or saying something that was against the Law. The woman was caught in the very act and they wanted to see if Jesus would uphold the Law. (Sidenote: The law was misinterpreted. The Law stated that both the man and the woman should be brought to justice, not just the woman.)

This story exemplifies how Jesus provided a safe place for this woman even though she was guilty. Her guilt is not in question here. She was guilty but Jesus provided a safe place anyway. He did not condemn her and he does not condemn us.

The sermon described “a safe place” in three ways:

1 – A safe place is a place of mercy. Mercy is when we don’t get what we deserve.
2 – A safe place is a place of worth. The Lord values us and we need to learn to value ourselves.
3 – A safe place is a place of new beginnings. Even though we are guilty, if we sincerely repent God will grant us a new beginning. Anyone in Christ is a new creature. We are allowed to change.

I think about my own life and I recognize that I have always lived in a safe environment. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t feel safe. I grew up in a safe home and I’ve tried to provide a safe home for my own children. A place where they know they don’t have anything to worry about. A place that provides mercy. A place where they are encouraged and valued so they know their worth. A place where if they make a mistake, it won’t be held against them forever. A refuge. A place of peace. My home is the one place I can go to and really exhale.

I recognize that there are people in the world that do not enjoy that kind of safety. There is so much discord and strife in our society. There are women who are terrified to be in their own homes. There are men who would rather be anywhere else but in their homes. It’s sad.

I’m praying today that your home is your refuge. That it is your safe place.


TJ said...

That sure is something to think about.

Diva (in Demand) said...

It's really weird how tapped into me you are sometimes. I told my workout partner today how unhappy I am in my own home right now.