Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Someone asked me recently if I missed the feeling of getting lost in someone.

You know that feeling ... your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of that person. When they are not around it's almost as if part of you is missing. Their smile brightens up your day. You feel like you can't exhale until you hear their voice.

Do I miss it?


I'm not cold or devoid of all human emotion but I've discovered that those feelings that I've described above are fleeting. My life is filled to the brim with those kinds of moments and yet I go to sleep at night and wake up each morning alone.

I want something concrete. Something that is going to last longer than just until the sweat dries.

I did a video about getting lost and subsequently going through the process of finding myself. I don't ever want to be lost again. I want to maintain who I am and be with someone who appreciates who I am and doesn't expect me to do back flips in order to be in his world.

I'm too old to do back flips.


LadyLee said...

Now Chele... I don't like womens, but your body is banging! You can do back flips, cartwheels and full splits! You can!


But I know what you mean.

You know what I've come to understand? Some of us love that feeling of being lost, and some of us are in love with the IDEA of that feeling of being lost. Being in love with the IDEA of being lost in someone will have us being lost in the wrong someone... just for the sake of being lost in someone...

And when the smoke clears... and as you say, the sweat dries... we have what we have. We come to our senses... and we recognize who we are, and our worth.

Or I hope that's the case, at least.

Great post, as always, hon.

TJ said...

Hmmm. This was good.