Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Word about Massage

I had a massage today. First one in over a year and I believe massages will be part of my maintenance package.

Maintenance package? You know, the stuff I have to do to keep my body working. As I get older the list seems to be getting longer. Oh well.

I booked the massage because I’ve been noticing that every morning when I get up my muscles are really tight and I’m really just tired of always feeling like I’m balled up in a knot.

I used to view massages as a luxury for those who need extra pampering. I could never wrap the idea around my head. I would always book one when I went to a fancy spa but to get one on a regular basis just seemed unnecessary. Kind of how I used to feel about getting facials but now after several years I couldn’t imagine not getting a facial every other month. Not just for the pampering but because I feel it’s necessary to take care of my skin. Anyway, the massage was only $40 for an hour so if I didn’t feel like it was helping I wasn’t out that much cash.

When I made the appointment I was asked if I preferred a man or a woman or if I had no preference. I said no preference and they scheduled me with John. Every other time I had a massage it was done by a woman and I just felt like she was not applying enough pressure. So, I was grateful for John.

I arrived at the appointed time and met John and he immediately put me at ease by making me laugh. Which I felt was very helpful because I was about to be butt nekkid on his table for an hour. I was nervous at first but I just had to remind myself to keep breathing. I closed my eyes and just listened to the music and let him do what I was paying him to do.

I’m not sure if I ever fully relaxed and there were a few times when I was on the table where I had to stop myself from saying “ouch” but when we were finished I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour had passed and how good I felt. He did comment on how tight I was and if I decided to come back then we would go deeper into the tissue.

I booked another appointment for next month.


TJ said...

It's something how that list gets longer and longer, but we're worth it.

Tee Reese said...

I need to know where I can get one for $40. Being a former elite track runner I know alllllllll to well the benefits. I've gotten them so much that I know how to work a little magic with my hands. Now, if I could have an out of body experience, I'd hook myself up.. but $40! Sign me up NOW!