Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I like being a mother to older children. In fact, I think I’m a better mother now than I was when my kids were small. I didn’t have much patience back then and little kids need so much. I believe I answered the call, just not with the best attitude.

Yesterday, my son called me to make sure that I was still taking off for my birthday because he wanted to give me my gift on the day. First of all, my birthday is more than 2 weeks away and the fact that it is on his mind is gift enough. Seriously. Also, on yesterday, my daughter thought it was a good idea to make dinner while I went for my run. I don’t mean sandwiches or cereal. The girl was chopping and sautéing vegetables and preheating the oven. The whole thing. I enjoyed a really nice pasta dish after I ran my 3 miles.

I definitely love being a mother to older children.

My manager asked if I absolutely had to take my birthday week off. Huh? What? That was my first reaction because for as long as I can remember I haven’t worked on my birthday and I just recently started taking the entire week off. It’s an event that is very special to me. So, when he started asking questions, I started feeling kinda funny. Then I thought about it. What is the big deal? I can easily take off the following week. It’s not like I’ve purchased airline tickets or anything.

Deciding not to get all excited about stuff like that helps me to sleep better at night. A good attitude is definitely better than a bad one.

New things are on the horizon. The seasons are changing. I’m happy happy happy. Wanna know why? Check out my latest video over to the right.

Seeing God move in my life is an amazing thing. However, it is important to remember that even when you don’t see Him, He is still working.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN to older children... I was running late last night getting home from work...I had a bible study class at church and I HAD.NOT.FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT.
My oldest had dinner ready when I walked in the door so I could finish my work get changed and back out the door w/in an hour.....YEAA TO MY 1st born son

BOO to my youngest son who gently reminded me "MOM YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T PROCRASTINATE"


dee in san diego