Friday, November 11, 2011


Here’s the thing … one of the reasons why moving from Connecticut to Virginia was so attractive is because of the warmer climate. Twenty-eight winters in CT was plenty and I was more than ready for a change. I do not like the cold weather and one day I may move to an even warmer climate. The warmer the better, I always say.

So it was a huge surprise to me when I accepted an invitation to run on the boardwalk last night. In the cold. At night. I like warmth. In fact, I was really concerned about how I would keep up with my running in the winter. I can’t stress to you enough how much I despise being cold. I don’t like being “chilly”. I think I need a sweater right now!

But last night I put on my layers and met three of my running buddies from Black Girls Run! on the boardwalk at the oceanfront for a three mile run. The wind was fighting us for a mile and a half but the last mile and a half it seemed to be at our backs. It was amazing.

I continue to surprise myself.

The truth is I just don’t want to gain weight. I suppose I could monitor my food intake ... but what fun is that? I want to run and running on a treadmill in the gym cannot compare to being outside. It just can’t. A friend of mine told me that when running outside as long as I keep my ears and fingers covered everything else will take care of itself. And it did.

Can’t wait for the next run on the boardwalk.

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